Our Mission

We are on a mission to reduce hunger and poverty in Evanston.

Ultimately, we seek to create a healthy and sustainable food community that benefits all Evanstonians.

Our current food system is not sustainable and does not promote healthy humans. By inspiring our community through engagement, EFE hopes to promote a truly sustainable food system within Evanston which drives food choices and production that protect the environment and lead to a healthier community. 

The EFE’s mission is to end hunger, reduce poverty and build healthier communities.

Guiding Principles

The EFE’s Guiding Principles include:

  • Collaboration: between individuals, teams and institutions and among diverse disciplines, resulting in greater production.
  • Efficiency: by preventing inefficiency and unnecessary duplication of planning and implementations resulting in greater production.
  • Capacity Strengthening: by facilitating the education, communication, and partnering resulting in greater production.
  • Commitment: by focusing on short and strategic objectives resulting in greater production.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Knowledge:  Increase access to and use of knowledge, innovations and community resources to better policy, urban food production and delivery systems and financing addressing key constraints in resources within differing groups within communities.
  2. Accountability:  Promote accountability for resources and results to lead to better systematic tracking of impacts of systemic change to urban based food production and improvements in general health and well being of community and ending of poverty and hunger.

Operational Principles

EFE structures its activities around four operational principles, namely:

  • being partner-centric,
  • being a convener,
  • being driven by community demand and regional priorities; and
  • promoting the EFE approach to end hunger and poverty and improve general well being and health of the community.

Evanston Food Exchange is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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